Welcome to Felrap World, Inc

Boost your efficiency and lower your operating costs with laundry wrapping equipment from Felrap World, Inc. Our company specializes in linen packaging equipment tailored for businesses of all sizes. We serve a wide range of businesses from around the globe that work with linens, including laundromats, textile factories, fabric printing firms, hospitals, restaurants, department stores, hotels, and spas. Products from supermarket packaging manufacturers are also now available.

No matter where your business may be based, we are happy to ship equipment and products to you at a reasonable rate. We work with some of the largest commercial laundry companies in world, such as Aramark (R), UniFirst (R), and Alsco (R). Previous clients have also included United States government agencies, as well as companies in Saudi Arabia and Japan. Countless local laundromats and other small businesses also count on our wrapping and packaging equipment to please their customers.

Advantages of Our Wrapping Equipment

Save on labor and valuable work time by utilizing our wrapping and packaging equipment. The systems we sell are the fastest and most economical way available to wrap linens. There is no need for paper that tears, tape that fails to sticks, or bags that add up in your expense reports. With our products, your linens or other goods are wrapped in a clear, low cost, non-skin packaging. This packaging is tough and even re-useable.

When you need to quickly wrap linens for clean and safe transportation, our wrapping equipment is the quickest and most cost-effective method. A trained staff member can securely wrap a stack of linens in just seconds using our machinery with less strain on their body. Certain equipment now comes with a fumeless cut off feature for added safety.

Products from Trusted Packaging Machine Manufacturers

When you invest in wrapping equipment, you need high-quality gear that will earn your money back in no time. Trust your wrapping needs to equipment from the industry’s top packaging machine manufacturers. We sell complete machinery and parts from reputable companies like Heat Seal (R), Plas-Ties (R), Davis Packaging, and Clopay Plastic Products (R), as well as our own Felrapper (R) consoles. These products are well-made and built to last with stainless steel from top to bottom.

Our most popular packaging equipment product is the Felrapper Console F240. It features a rugged sliding sealing drawer with two widths available. There are no shafts, so it is easy to load. The F240 console can handle all rolls of wrap up to 39 inches wide and each width is available instantly.

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