Supplies and Parts Available for Our Laundry Wrapping Equipment

Order all the laundry wrap, supplies and parts you need for our laundry wrapping equipment through our firm. Felrap World, Inc. We stock spare parts for all laundry wrapper brands, including Felrapper, Heat Seal, Davis, and Clopay. Shipping is available throughout the United States and around the world.
When you run out of film rolls, turn to our firm to quickly re-supply you. We stock 50-guage laundry wrap rolls in many different sizes, including 24-inch, 30-inch, 32-inch, 34-inch, 36-inch, and 39-inch. 75-guage rolls are also available in the 36-inch width size. These ship same-day from our warehouse. We pay the freight charges for orders of 10 rolls or more.
Other 75-guage width sizes are also available through factory order. Our company also offers all width sizes of 45-guage, 60-guage, and 100-gauge poly rolls on factory order. Please call us for roll pricing.

Save Time and Prevent Injuries with the Tie-Matic HD

Tie up your laundry hangers quickly and safely with the Tie-Matic HD. This machine can tie one to five hangers together in a bundle and ties up to 60 bundles per minute. Tying bundles of hangers by hand is much more time-consuming and put your workers at a greater risk for ergonomic injuries. Use the portable and streamlined Tie-Matic HD machine to get a perfect twist tie every time.
Click here to download the Tie Matic PDF Tie Matic.pdf
Contact us in Warren, Rhode Island, if you have any questions about our equipment, supplies, or parts. We are proud to ship to clients worldwide.