Laundry Wrapping

Invest in an Efficient Industrial Wrapping Machine for Linens

Cut down on operation time and costs by investing in an industrial wrapping machine. Laundry wrapping machine systems allow businesses both big and small to save labor while increasing productivity dramatically. At Felrap World, Inc., we carry a diverse array of laundry and supermarket wrap machinery and equipment, including the following models:


The FELRAPPER® with Hotplate

FS 360
Easy to Operate
8-10 Packages per Minute

Semi-Automatic Laundry Wrapper Featuring:

*36' Wide Seal Bar and 14" High Capacity
*Power Assisted Top Film Unwind
*Magnetic Hold Down with Dwell
*Posi-Trac Power Take-Away Conveyer Optional
*Temperature Compensating Solid State Seal Controller
*Unique Band Seals and Cuts in One Operation
*Heavy Duty Head Design with Quick Change Sealing Bar
*Portable with Casters and Levelers
*One Year Limited Warranty on Parts



F 240
Console F-240

Completely Supported Sliding Sealing Drawer
Can Support over 100 pounds!

*Stainless Steel Construction
*Pictured model - F-24O
*Voltage - 110-120 V.
*Hotplate - 1200 Watts
*Overall - 42" w-35' d-34" high
*Shipment - 150Ibs

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Console Wrappers

Console Wrappers
(Models F 140a and F 136a)

Standard Console Wrappers

Available in two sizes: 36” and 40”. Aluminum construction, with stainless steel work table. Must raise worktable to change wrap size. Gravity return sealing drawer. Solid state controlled electric cut-off rod.


Table Top Wrappers

Table Top Wrappers
Table Model Wrapper in sizes 24”, 30”, 36”, and 40”

*Hold one roll of wrap up from 24” to 40" wide
* AII stainless steel construction.
* Solid state controlled electric cut-off rod.


Film Dispensers

Film Dispensers
Available in widths of 20” through to 40”
With Hot Rod Film Cut Off
Can Be Shipped UPS

*All Heavy Duty Aluminum Construction
*Accepts Large 30lb Rolls of Stretch Film
*Adjustable Brake for Controlling Film tension
*Portable, Easy to Move
*Large Rubber Feet Prevent Dispenser from Moving
*Operates on 110 Volt Current
*Indicator Light Shows When Unit is 'ON'
*Additional Electrical Outlet for Accessories


Hand Iron

Hand Iron
Model S Hand Iron

U.L. Listed
Can Be Shipped UPS

*Sturdily constructed of Cast Aluminum and Stainless Steel
*Heavy Duty Construction Throughout
*Can be used in a Variety of Applications where a Hand Hel Heat Source is Needed
*Adjustable Thermostat with a Temperature Range of 100 degrees F to 500 F
*Each Unit Shipped with U.L. Listed Table Stand
*Large Quantity Discounts Available

*Made in the USA

  • Replaceable Teflon Covers
  • Extended Thermostat Shaft
  • Extra Long Power Cord
  • Private Labeling

FS 360

Manual Bagging Machine

The Manual Bagging Machine

The film cover protects your valuable goods optimally either during transport or in the warehouse, and can
be recycled according to the type of the film without problems later on. Considerable cost savings can be made in comparison with pre-fonned bags. Cover length individually adjustable.

*Approximately 150 packages per hour.
*Available with or without bottom sealing.
*Max. pull-over length 63 inches.
*Energy saving impulse welding.
*Top welding shape can be preselected to fit
*Hanger type (straight or angled).
*Measurements: 44 x 31 x 86 inches.


Model 500-A

One-Roll Film Capacity with Rollers

*Standard 115 Volt Power Supply
*Solid State Controlled Film Cutoff Rod
*Thermostatically Controlled 6" By 15" Hot Plate With Non-Stick, Replaceable Teflon Cover
*Heavy Gauge Aluminum Base Aluminum And Stainless Steel Construction
*Stainless Steel Wrapping Surface
*Large Rubber Feet
*Stretch Film - 20" Maximum Width
*Available In A Space Saving 500A Mini (Max. 13" Film)


Model 600-A to 625-A

Model 600A24/625A24
Model 600A30/625A30
Model 600A36/25A36

Extra Wide One-Roll Film Capacity 24 ", 30 ", 36"

*Standard 115 Volt Power Supply
*Solid State Controlled Film Cut Off Rod
*Thermostatically Controlled Hot Plate With Non-Stick, Replaceable Teflon Cover
*Heavy Gauge Aluminum Base
*Aluminum And Stainless Steel Construction
*Stainless Steel Wrapping Surface
*Large Rubber Feet
*Available in 24" Width With 8" By 15" Hot Plate
*Available in 30" & 36" Widths with 10" By 30” Hot Plate
*Available In Two Roll and Three Roll Configurations