Your Source for Wrapping Machinery and Related Equipment

Package and seal your linens, produce, and other goods faster than ever with our wrapping machinery. Felrap World, Inc. specializes in wrapping machines and related equipment for commercial and industrial use. We have multiple warehouses in the United States to ensure you get the wrapping machinery you need as quickly as possible. Our firm also sells and ships to clients from out of the country. Talk to our staff for more information on our many different products and to learn more about the ordering process.

Our main focus is laundry wrapping. A number of different systems are available to make sealing and protecting linens fast and easy. With the right laundry wrapping machinery, you can completely seal up a bundle of linens in just seconds. The packaging process ensures your linens remain dust-free and are protected from damage and staining. Explore our site for more information on the advantage of wrapping your laundry.

The second most popular product line we offer is our supermarket wrapping machinery. This kind of equipment is used to seal up meat, produce, and other items to ensure maximum freshness and safety. Using one of our machines to wrap food products is much quicker than doing it by hand and helps your workers avoid ergonomic injuries. Discuss your workplace’s specific needs with us so we can recommend the right wrapping machinery for you.

Use an Impulse Sealer for a Perfect Seal Every Time

Seal bags with ease by using an impulse sealer, also known as a heat sealer. This tabletop tool is easily operated by hand and creates a foolproof seal every time. No warm-up time is needed and the timer can be adjusted depending on the thickness of the bags. To use an impulse sealer, just place the bag between the sealer bars, gently press down, and release.

Some heat sealer models come with a built-in cutter and others can be operated with your feet. Talk to our staff members about your workplace set-up and they would be happy to give you advice on which model to order.

Wraps Items Fast with a Film Dispenser

When you need to wrap things quickly but don’t want to invest in industrial wrapping machinery, a film dispenser is a great compromise. With a dispenser, you can quickly pull out the amount of film you need and cut it in a couple of simple steps.

Place an order for wrapping machinery by calling our firm in Warren, Rhode Island, or contacting us online. We are proud to serve both domestic and international clients.