How to Use the Felrapper F240 Console

Please review and follow the directions below to safely operate any Felrapper F240 wrapping machine. If you require more in-depth instructions, feel free to contact our staff at Felrap World, Inc. for one-on-one help.

First, place the package on the bridge and walk it into the sealing drawer. It will move back easily under the machine. Pull the film up and over the package. Be sure to pull enough film so that excess film can be wiped underneath the rear of the package.

Second, wipe the film under the package from the center out. Your hand should be on the back outer edge of the package while holding the film and lifting the package.

Third, step backwards with the package, lifting it up and pass the hot rod cut-off area. The sealing plate will come out automatically. The film will cut off when the package is placed down on the sealing plate. You should now have a tight band around the package. Stretch the ends of the film out, but be sure not to crumple it. Lift the package with one hand and wipe the stretched flap under the package. Repeat on the other end and you are done. This entire procedure should take just a fraction of a minute.

For clarification on these directions and one-on-one assistance, contact our firm in Warren, Rhode Island, or call us. Our staff members are proud to help clients worldwide.